WebAuthn Conditional UI Demo

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Please run this demo on the latest Canary / Dev version of chrome. The feature is supported on Mac (any version), Windows (win11 developer preview), or any OS if using the WebAuthn Devtools (make sure you add a platform authenticator with resident key and UV support). Use the following flag:


In theory this should work on Safari technology preview.

Any username / password will be accepted, this is only a demo to showcase the Conditional UI API usage. In order to see anything interesting, try signing up and opening the log-in page again. If everything works, the browser should prompt you to log-in using your passkey. This website doesn't store anything on the server. Still, don't use your actual username / password :)

If you want to remove the credentials for testing purposes on mac, please clear "passwords and other site data" from chrome settings (chrome://settings/clearBrowserData), making sure you pick a suitable time range.

Known Chrome issues:

I heard the design of this demo website sucks, feel free to remix or send patches :)